keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010

My sweet lolita check list

So, every one seems to be making lolita check lists. So of course I just had to make my very own! :D

Would you rather read this in Finnish? Then go this way.

Sweet lolita

♥ Thinks that pink goes with anything
♥ …because it does!
♥ Always matches her makeup to her outfit.
♥ Believes in inner beauty, especially when she is wearing false eye lashes.
♥ Her princess ideology comes from “Little Princess”.
♥ She has seen the Kamikaze Girls –movie, and she likes it
♥ …but she has also red the book, and likes it even more.
♥ Can be very brand loyal, but she still has unique look
♥ …and she also approves of handmade things
♥ … and that is why she makes jewelry and accessories for herself.
♥ Thinks that bows and pearls match to everything.
♥ Knows that My Little Ponies are great accessories.
♥ Loves everything shiny
♥ …and therefore she decodens things that would otherwise be too boring.
♥ Thinks that everything is better if it has pink lace on it.
♥ Loves Disney classics
♥ ….but is never as helpless as some princesses in those.
♥ Admires rococo and knows that Marie Antoinette took a bath daily
♥ …and therefore she is always clean, neat and elaborate.
♥ Plays with her style.
♥ Is a specialist when it comes to matching different colors in one outfit. It’s not that easy to make tricolore work!
♥ Has a never ending war with her hair
♥ …but otherwise is very happy with herself.
♥ Loves sweet tea, and drinks it from pink antique teacup.
♥ …drinks only
♥ She likes to eat sweet bakeries
♥ …and she also likes to use them as accessories.
♥ Thinks that My Little Pony and porcelain doll collections do not make her room/house look childish.
♥ Thinks, that unicorns are really lovely.

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